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Easy Mocktail Recipes for the Holidays (Part 2)

Mulled Glider

Everyone loves mulled wine and cider when it’s snowing outside and you’re cozied up in front of the fire. This non-alcoholic version will give you all of the warm fuzzies without the brain fuzz. It’s simple to make, and takes advantage of the brewing process to get you wrapped up with a book and a blanket in no time. 

Mulled Glider

4 c water

4 sachets Picnic in the Park herbal tea from Leaves of Leisure

1 c apple cider

1 Tbsp mulling spices in an infuser (see note below)

Boil water with mulling spices and cider, and add Picnic in the Park herbal tea to infuse for 3 minutes. Remove spices and tea sachets and serve hot. 

A Note on Mulling Spices: You can always buy mulling spices, but if you’re feeling ambitious you can easily make your own personal blend  to suit your creative taste buds. Basic ingredients are cinnamon sticks, allspice berries, cloves, cardamom pods, black pepper, and orange peel, with options like star anise for extra warmth and complexity. It’s a wonderfully fulfilling blend to assemble, and you’ll discover it uses nearly every part of a tree, including the bark, seeds, flowers, and fruit!

Ginger Snap

This refreshing delight is one of our very favorite noel nips. Everybody loves the peppery, floral zing of ginger, and this little number reminds you that the answer to the question “what’s the bartender’s favorite vodka” is not “gin”. It’s tea! 

Ginger Snap

1.5 oz Bath Time green tea from Leaves of Leisure  

1 oz Seedlip Garden 108 distilled non-alcoholic spirits

1 oz ginger simple syrup (1 c water, 1 c sugar, 2 Tbsp fresh ginger. Boil to dissolve sugar and let sit 10 minutes to infuse. Strain.)

Seltzer water

Cocktail cherries

Stir Bath Time green tea, Seedlip Garden 108, and ginger simple syrup with ice, and strain into a flute, and garnish with a cocktail cherry dropped in the glass. 

Let Leaves of Leisure Toast Your Health This Holiday Season!

You can create one of our easy mocktail recipes this year with a selection of our premium teas, or you can enjoy them on their own with a candlelight bath as the snow gently falls past your window this year. Visit our website to learn more about Leaves of Leisure’s range of herbal and green teas to keep you grounded, present, and full of bliss and gratitude this holiday season!
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