Frequently Asked Questions

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Most of the teas are caffeine free or herbal teas, there are however a few teas that are low
caffeine. We have listed the caffeine level of each tea in the description as well as on the packaging

Herbal teas are not derived from a traditional tea plant. The term ‘herbal’ refers to the process
of steeping other plants or fruits in hot water

These teas keep fresh for about 6 months. While you can still brew the tea after that, the taste and
smell may not be as potent or delicious. We recommend consuming within 6 months.

At this time, our teas are all in pouches and made for single use consumption only.

You can learn how to brew our tea HERE. 

We have listed known benefits of the ingredients in each tea in the description of each.  

Our teas can be served both hot and cold and we give instructions on how to brew HERE. 

Currently we only ship domestically and offer free shipping on all orders over $30.