In a world full of drinks with sugar, syrups and caffeine, Leaves of Leisure tea was created to help you bring a sense of nostalgia to the everyday moments of your life. Our mission is to bring you that same sense of calm, relaxation and creativity you find on the weekend or on vacation by tapping 2 of our bodies most vivid senses, taste and smell.

CEO + Founder Allison Ullo created Leaves of Leisure to bring a sense of wistful feelings and relaxation to the everyday chaotic moments of your life. Allie is the modern day "Renaissance Women", having worked multiple jobs from the age of 16, she now holds the titles of PR Consultant, fit model and entrepreneur. Having spent the last decade working endless days and nights in the fashion and hospitality industry, she is a pro when it comes to wellness and self care. She has tried every wellness gimmick and trend and holds to the belief that the best medicine is a hike outside, a warm bath, a good book and a hot cup of herbal tea. Leaves of Leisure tea is a mashup of her belief that happiness and daily pleasure comes in the form of leisure activities, nostalgic memories and tea.