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Matching Teas with Your Favorite Snacks: A Fun Pairing Guide

Tea time is not just about the drink; it’s also about the delightful snacks that accompany it. At Leaves of Leisure, we believe in creating memorable tea experiences that are both delicious and satisfying. To help you elevate your tea time, we’ve paired some of our favorite teas with trendy snacks that will have your mouth watering.

1. Ginger and Turmeric Tea 

Snack Pairing: Avocado Toast Avocado toast has taken social media by storm, and for good reason. It’s a versatile, nutritious, and incredibly tasty snack that pairs beautifully with ginger and turmeric tea like our Road Trip Tea. The creamy avocado provides a delightful contrast to the spicy ginger and turmeric, while the hint of lemon juice and sprinkle of chili flakes elevate the flavor profile. Top it with a poached egg, cherry tomatoes, or radishes for added flair.

2. Lemongrass Tea

Snack Pairing: Rice Paper Veggie Rolls are a refreshing, healthy snack that’s a great Summer snack. Filled with colorful veggies like cucumber, bell peppers, carrots, and avocado, these rolls are as beautiful as they are delicious. Pair them with a tangy peanut or hoisin dipping sauce to complement the bright notes of the lemongrass tea. The crisp, fresh vegetables harmonize wonderfully with the citrusy tea, making for a revitalizing snack experience.

3. Hibiscus Tea + Charcuterie Board

Snack Pairing: Charcuterie boards are a timeless snack favorite and there are SO many ways to make a unique board. They offer a diverse array of salty and sweet flavors and textures, making them a fantastic match for the tartness of Hibiscus Tea. Include a variety of cheeses, cured meats, fresh fruits, nuts, and artisanal crackers. Hibiscus tea complements the richness of the cheeses and meats, while the fresh fruits and nuts add a refreshing contrast. This pairing is perfect for a picnic, a casual get-together, or any time you want to treat yourself to something special. Hibiscus stunning ruby red hue also makes it a crowd pleaser!

Why These Pairings Work

These tea and snack pairings work so well because they balance and enhance each other’s flavors. The warmth of ginger tea is complemented by the creamy, slightly tangy avocado toast, creating a harmonious blend of spicy and savory notes. The light, citrusy lemongrass tea pairs beautifully with the fresh, crunchy veggie rolls, offering a refreshing and healthy snack experience. Lastly, the tart, floral hibiscus tea is the perfect companion to a rich, varied charcuterie board, bringing out the best in both the tea and the snacks.

Try It Yourself!

Ready to elevate your tea time? Grab your favorite tea and try these fun pairings for yourself. Explore our full range of herbal and low-caffeine teas here and start your journey to discovering the perfect tea and snack pairings today!

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