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Have You Tried a Tea Popsicle? You Should

Have You Tried a Tea Popsicle? You Should

It is hot outside, and your body is being drained and dehydrated by those blazing rays while you’re living it up with mimosas in the muggy mornings and cocktails at those sweltering sundown soirées

There’s nothing worse than hitting the wall when you should be out mingling. You’ve earned a refreshing retreat, but you shouldn’t have to feel beat before the night has started smoldering. How about something that will chill you down, mellow you out, and infuse your body with cleansing botanicals so you can stay invigorated on those long summer evenings?

We’ve got just the thing: the Hibiscus Rosé Ice Pop.

Leaves of Leisure has teamed up with FrutaPOP to create this summer’s top frozen treat. By combining a bright, crisp rosé with a restorative and exquisite hibiscus tea blend into a tea popsicle, your evenings will be filled with the vitality of the French riviera and the cool floral kiss of the Caribbean breeze.

It’s time to discover what’s possible when you find a perfect match. 

Poptail, What? 

That’s right: poptails, or alcohol-infused popsicles, are crushing it this year at parties and events, and it’s thanks to FrutaPOP’s reimagination of the traditional boozy indulgence. Believe it or not, this year is the 100th anniversary of Frank Epperson inventing the “Epsicle” (omg we know…), a “soda icicle” with a little kick he began selling at his shop on Neptune Beach.

Frank’s concoction was a hit, but because it was the first, it was also the worst, and since then there has been a never-ending stream of imitators putting out uninspiring variations of his freezer-burnt Frankensteins.

Until now, that is. 

Reinventing the Ice Pop

FrutaPOP realized that nobody likes sickly sweet and syrupy ice pops with an overpowering alcohol taste—they’re unrefined, unbalanced, and leave you feeling guilty with a cloying taste in your mouth that just won’t go away. 

FrutaPOP cut the sugar, balanced the alcohol, and most importantly, decided to work with Leaves of Leisure to create a tea popsicle flavor profile that makes this tired, frozen classic stand up and start singing again. 

Balancing the Alcohol

Every Hibiscus Rosé Ice Pop contains 5% or less alcohol, so you can get your buzz without the fuzz. And you know they’re not playing alchemical games with the equation because Leaves of Leisure only creates high-quality tea blends that are low-to-no caffeine. That means this perfectly-balanced pop will give you just the right hint of fermented bliss without the need to mask it with chemicals or jitters. 

Mastering the Blend

When it comes to flavor, rosé and hibiscus tea could not possibly be a better pairing. Rosé is made by crushing the freshly ripened fruit, and letting juice take its color from macerating in the press with the skins. Like tea, it infuses with their tannins to give the wine its distinct and beguiling pink hue.

Likewise, our Picnic in the Park tea has Apple pieces, hibiscus, senna leaves, rosehip, and pomegranate pieces that are harvested when they are at their aromatic peak, dried, and selected by artisan blenders to ensure an extraction that is flavorful and well-balanced. A short steep draws out the vibrant sweet and tart essence of the hibiscus petals, offering a transportive experience full of nourishing antioxidants and other healthful benefits. 

And together? The dry, fruity blush of the wine and naturally sweet and floral notes of the tea produce a concoction that delivers all the satisfaction you’re desiring without the need for added sugars or dyes.

Yes. You read that right: there are no added sugars, syrups, or dyes in our Hibiscus Rosé Ice Pops. When you select the best natural ingredients and treat them right, you don’t need anything else.

Well, almost…

The Life of the Party

There are so many ways to enjoy one of our Hibiscus Rosé Ice Pops with your friends, and the best part is, as it melts in your hands or your glasses, it follows all the enjoyable life stages from a traditional popsicle to an elegantly chilled wine. If it’s 100 degrees, you can nip at it right from the sleeve to bring down the temperature as the party heats up. If your besties are suckers for frozen daiquiris and margaritas, pour your pops in glasses and let them melt down into slushy frosés. And of course, you can always have one of our Hibiscus Rosé Ice Pops the way the vintner might enjoy it from the cellar—chilled and swirling in an elegant crystal flute. 

Pairing Perfection

Leaves of Leisure is dedicated to creating exceptional blends of organic teas and natural ingredients, and that’s why our partnership with FrutaPOP for our tea popsicle has been so, well, fruitful! We’re both intensely passionate about every aspect of our processes, and when you combine the transformative power of two women-owned, women-run companies?

You’re going to get brilliance and elegance every time. Explore your senses, seize the moment, and indulge the restorative inspiration when rosé and hibiscus come together. 

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