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Ladies of Leisure | Founder and Creative Director of Yinsa/LiveYinsa, Daniele Gates

Welcome to the Ladies of Leisure series, were we feature inspiring women and their stories of success, wellness and leisure. Through these interviews, we hope to gain insights into the lives of these amazing women and the tips and tricks they use to live a balanced and fulfilling life. We'll also look at their morning routines, advice they have for other female entrepreneurs and their favorite way to spend leisure time. We are honored to introduce you to some of the leading ladies in their fields and hope you find their stories as inspiring as we do.

Meet Daniele Gates, an educator and mentor to students around the world, using the ancient traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda as her lens. Over the last 15 years, Daniele has studied Yoga, Ayurveda, Herbalism and Astrology with Pure Yoga, Prema Yoga Institute, Pranamaya, Jai Dev, Adriana Ayales, Brandon Ruiz, Kate Kuss, Marc Nelles, Dr. Vani Gandhi, Jessica Baptiste, and a number of other teachers and mentors. With over 1,000 hours of study, Daniele has applied the synthesis of her learning to classes and workshops on the LiveYinsa platform, along with in-person, trainings, speaking engagements, and retreats worldwide, all focused on helping clients transmute their trauma into energy that allows them to elevate physically, mentally, and spiritually. Students who work with Daniele appreciate the brave spaces she creates where no one is judged, and everyone finds the space they need to heal. When she’s not working with students in group or 1:1 settings, you can find Daniele dancing with her husband, Yohan, and her Pekingese, Gizmo, on various beaches in the Dominican Republic.

What is your company and what do you do?

LiveYinsa is a spiritual wellness and lifestyle brand that aims to help women and men find a work life balance that supports their healing journey. Through classes and workshops, a membership platform, trainings, retreats, and private coaching, I help women transmute their trauma into energy that they can harness and use to manifest their dream lives.

How do you start your morning? Give us a play by play-- time you get up, 3-5 things you do to start your day.

I make coffee for my ancestors and an herbal tea for myself. I sit at my altar, do a blessing of my head and a card pull, followed by journaling and meditation. I sometimes do some reading, and then I review my calendar for the day and make a plan for how I will work for that day. I find a way to work in exercise; sometimes in the morning, and sometimes I end my day with yoga.

What advice do you have for other female entrepreneurs looking to create healthier and invigorating morning routines and habits?

Plug everything into your calendar, just like you do appointments. If you create space for it, it's easier to make it happen. I love the bundling suggestions in atomic habits by James clear, and I try to bundle good habits so that I keep them.

What are some of your favorite leisure activities?

Yoga, meditation, swimming, walking, spinning, hiking, spending time in nature.

Share a favorite affirmation that other female entrepreneurs could benefit from.

I can find peace in this.

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