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Ladies of Leisure | Michelle Jacobik, CEO/Founder Jacobik Enterprises + the Founder of The EnVision + Thrive Academy For Entrepreneurs

Welcome to the Ladies of Leisure series, where we feature inspiring women and their stories of success, wellness and leisure. Through these interviews, we hope to gain insights into the lives of these amazing women and the tips and tricks they use to live a balanced and fulfilling life. We'll also look at their morning routines, advice they have for other female entrepreneurs and their favorite way to spend leisure time. We are honored to introduce you to some of the leading ladies in their fields and hope you find their stories as inspiring as we do.

Meet Michelle Jacobik, the CEO/Founder Jacobik Enterprises + the Founder of The EnVision + Thrive Academy For Entrepreneurs. Michelle is a Trusted and Passionate Business Consultant/ Profitability Strategist and the Founder of the EnVision + Thrive Academy. After working insurance industry growing her own agency from $600k in sales to over $12m, she now helps other entrepreneurs grow their business. She helps entrepreneurs align their business with their BIG visions so that they find success in all areas of their life. She works with established and emerging entrepreneurs who have been in business for a while but are just stuck in their revenue flow. They work together to get clarity around their vision, implement a variety of strategies to help unclog the cash flow (clear profit goals, programs/products/processes to get there), and break their revenue goals into quarterly benchmarks and action steps that they can implement immediately to make their growth goals attainable, while building their business confidence on the path to get there!. She also leads workshops and speaks nationally on business and profitability strategies, (most recently CBS, NBC, Pix11, KTLA and Parents Magazine). She is also the author of the #1 National Best Seller Prosperity After Divorce and (soon to be released) a new book all about business and profitability called “The Path To Profits”

What is your company and what do you do?
I'm a Financial expert and Founder of the EnVision + Thrive Academy For Entrepreneurs, as well as the Author of the #1 New Release "THE PATH TO PROFITS" as well as the book I authored in 2018, "Prosperity After Divorce: Take Charge Of Your Finances + Create The Life You Want with LifeStyle ReDesign Planning.

As a Business Advisor and mentor, I support ambitious entrepreneurs with a clear approach to building a PROFITABLE Business ~~ I'm also a Media Contributor seen on ABC, NBC, FOX, KTLA, PIX11, and in Parents, People + Entrepreneur Magazines.

How do you start your morning? Give us a play by play-- time you get up, 3-5 things you do to start your day.

I wake at 5am (I'm part of a 5am club so I call in and listen from 5-5:05: giving myself 30 min of quiet- (NO CELL PHONE) time. I pray two simple prayers before I get out of bed: Thank you for another day and Use Me", Coffee (with almond milk and stevia) and then pick an Oracle Card out of my new EnVision Oracle Deck for Entreprenuers and then I journal for 10 min. about the card and message that is resonating for me. Then I do a 10-15 guided meditation. Then I read at least 10 pages in a book. I then I either get to the gym for 45 min or to the beach for a brisk walk. I'm fortunate enough to live in Naples FL so both are a choice each day.

What advice do you have for other female entrepreneurs looking to create healthier and invigorating morning routines and habits?

Start with small changes but START. I also believe in 'ritual over routines' IF you have a morning routine that is feeling like another 'to-do' list (as in checking things off, change things up. I will French Press my coffee some mornings and warm the milk and froth it versus just the normal coffee pot set the night before and creamer. I will light a candle while journaling or play soft music. I will take a class instead of just heading into the gym. It feels that my morning routine is more about self care then routine and that's what I'm shooting for. I also think it's super important to review your goals daily as well as your vision board. I spend my first 10 min in my office doing affirmations, reviewing my goals, putting myself into my future self space while looking at my vision board and FEELING the feelings (giddy and excited) about all ready being their or using that 'thing' so I'm on a higher frequency for manifesting.

What are some of your favorite leisure activities?

Walks on the beach. Sunsets and taking pictures of them. Time with a girlfriend or friends just enjoying lunch, happy hour, music, etc. Reading and writing of course

Share a favorite affirmation that other female entrepreneurs could benefit from.

"Get Out Of Your Own Way"

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