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Ladies of Leisure | Bianka Downs, Real Estate Broker

Our column Ladies of Leisure is an interview series with interesting and inspiring women, where we talk about their morning routines, advice they have for other female entrepreneurs and their favorite way to spend leisure time.

Meet Bianka Downs, real estate broker, team leader, new mom and newly wed. As a Las Vegas native and expert in the Vegas Valley, Bianka's specialty is her creative take on real estate. She is deeply motivated to help others and believes good things come to those who hustle. 

What is your company and what do you do?
I mentor brand new realtors and work with home buyers, sellers, investors and also help investors launch their airbnbs. I also own a tax office and a baby gear rental business.

How do you start your morning? Give us a play by play-- time you get up, 3-5 things you do to start your day.
5:22 alarm goes off Face routine Brush teeth etc Feed dog’s
6 am tea and toast and journal
6:20 ish spin bike and audio book or podcasts Shower (and still listen to podcasts) Review and finalize/edit to do check list for the day
7am wake up baby Get baby ready
8am leave house

What advice do you have for other female entrepreneurs looking to create healthier and invigorating morning routines and habits?
I suggest writing down a 2 week commitment and then hold yourself to that routine for just 2 weeks. Start small, things like always make your bed, get moving by a certain time, etc. Also keep in mind that a night routine can be just as vital as morning routine. If the routine feels good during that 2 week time frame, you are more likely to keep it up!

What are some of your favorite leisure activities?
Researching , reading, self development , enjoying a cocktail at a nice lounge

Share a favorite affirmation that other female entrepreneurs could benefit from.
You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
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