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Tea Party Ideas for Any Occasion

Tea Party Ideas for Any Occasion

Tea parties are a fantastic get together any time of year, and they’re the perfect excuse to flood your life with beautiful decorations, stylish fashion, and of course, incredible tea.

A tea party should be easy, carefree, and allow you and your friends to relax into conversation over sweets and savories that compliment your favorite cup. But how big do you want to go? While a simple tea party can be a few cookies or scones, a traditional high tea is a formal three-course affair that takes you on an elegant and sensual afternoon journey of folded linens and delicate china. You can even add a glass of champagne to make it a “royal tea”, or (if you’re feeling the dumpling vibe) divert to East Asia and serve a transportive and earthy green tea with spicy pork buns and glazed short ribs.  

Without a doubt, there is a place for tea at any occasion, and we’ve put together some of our best (and simplest!) tea party ideas to make your next get together a smashing success. 

Le Thé

Of course, when you’re planning a tea party, there’s only one place to start: the tea! Earl Greys and Darjeelings are obvious choices for English affairs from the boroughs of London to Buckingham Palace, but there’s no reason to stay in the box! 

Particularly when the weather’s humid, a restorative and fruity herbal blend can be the perfect match for dill and cucumber sandwiches, and scones with clotted cream and jam go wonderfully with ginger and Malabar spice blends. You can even use herbal teas as mixers and in simple syrups if you’re craving a cocktail, so you should never feel like a non-traditional choice is going to upset the apple cart of tradition. 

This party is about you, so our first suggestion is simple: be creative, let your senses empower your imagination, and turn your ideas for tea parties into unforgettable experiences for your guests.

The Perfect Scone

Whether you’re from England, Ireland, Scotland (they lay claim to this tea party favorite), Australia, or America, the humble scone can mean many different things. Regardless of where you stand, scones are the most classic of classics when it comes to tea parties, and you can never—ever—go wrong when you get them just right. 

We can tell you many things, but in matters this serious, it’s best to defer to the ranking authorities. We recommend the official recipe of the royal chefs of the House of Windsor.

And just one more sticky wicket—is it cream and jam, or jam then cream? The good people of Cornwall and Devon have nearly come to blows over that one, so choose wisely!

Icelandic Rúgbrauð

Pronounced “roog-browd”, this rye and molasses brown bread from Iceland was historically cooked for hours in one of the thousands of volcanic steam vents that litter the tiny North Atlantic isle. 

Now we know that when we say “tea” you probably don’t think “Norse sagas”, but hear us out: this simple and little-known bread is sweet, flavorful, moist, and pairs astonishingly well with pickled shallots, homemade mayonnaise (here’s our favorite 2-minute no-fail immersion blender recipe), hard-boiled eggs, crisp cucumber slices, and some of the fresh dill that’s been growing wherever it wants in your back garden. 

Without a doubt, this one’s a grand champion tea party winner that will send your guests home begging for the recipe. Will you tell them? See if they can pronounce it first.

Green Tea Granita

Not every tea party can be in the shade, and sometimes what your guests need with their tea is, well, more tea! But chilled

Granitas are incredibly simple ideas for tea parties, and all you need to do once you boil the syrup is put it in the freezer and wait. Once it’s set, scoop and shave it into little bowls, cups, or glasses, top with fruit or your favorite garnish, and voilá! It’s ready to serve. 

Of course, you can make this with any green tea, but we recommend using a green tea blend with citrus botanicals to create a truly beguiling and exotic experience for your guests. 

Pão de Queijo

The facts are the facts: some of us don’t eat gluten, and it can be a real challenge for the traditional tea offerings of sandwiches, cakes, and scones. GF pastries have come a long way for sure, but when it comes to tea party ideas, gluten-free options are usually big disappointments. 

But don’t call the whole thing off! We have the perfect solution for you with this cheesy, gooey, crispy Brazilian treat made with 100% tapioca flour. They’re easy to make, and the best part is, there are no compromises here. This is the original recipe straight from Sao Paolo, and the secret is pouring boiling water into your bowl to make the starch set before you cook. 

The result? A perfect cheese puff that will bring your guests—not to speak of the French—to their knees at your party with mascara running down their cheeks. We’re not kidding. They’re that good. 

The Trimmings

Of course, no gathering would be complete without the decorations and details, and there are plenty of tea party products to spruce up your soirée without breaking the bank. 

As the Japanese know, a thoughtful and charming individual tea service is all you really need to make any occasion special, and this darling set by Wilmax Porcelain is a perfect pairing to keep each of your guests topped up. And why make all the choices when they’ve all got a personal pot? Brune Kitchen’s selection of teas can be the ideal way to let everyone express themselves while taking the pressure off the host.

Oh, and if you’re dipping into cocktails, blow your guests away with these instant flavor explosions from MyDrinkBomb. They’re an unforgettable—and irresistible—addition to any tea party you’re giving a boozy twist. 

Steeped in Tradition

The tea party will never go out of style, and no matter where your imagination takes you, Leaves of Leisure has the perfect blend to make it memorable and sublime. Our hand-crafted organic green and herbal teas and tea party products offer you endless inspiration for your next event.  No matter how fancy or free form you want to go, we’ve got the tea for you. 

Relax, refocus, and breath in the creativity that our teas can offer.

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